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Dear Anyone,

I recently met a beautiful woman and worked diligently for her number. I lost it and then re-found it after sending flowers to her. She called me and we spoke. I started phoning her and after some messages she finally called back. She explained that she was a very busy person until Christmas time and was looking to change career. While I tried to convince her that I was worth her time, she basically said that a dating relationship is not good right now and perhaps in January. My question is although we met once and have only talked briefly, I wonder if I should continue to call her, wait to see if she calls me or just forget it? I do not understand, is she blowing me off.. seriously?

Very cute and wished she would call


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A:  Don't you feel the breeze? She's blowing you off. Move on.
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B:  Take her at her word. Give her some space and if you're still interested in January, give it another go.
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C:  Keep calling her, even if only as a friend.

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