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Dear Anyone,

I met my boyfriend through one of my closest friends. Shortly after, my mother and father and I got into a huge fight that had been brewing for years. I decided to move out one month before I turned 18. Looking for a place to live was hard to do. Finally, my boyfriend's mother decided that it would be ok for me to move in. When I moved in, we weren't together. But, the night after I moved in, we became interested in each other.
My boyfriend, Zach, and I are a great couple. We have so much fun together and we appreciate one another for who we are. So far, we've been together for five months.
His parents do not want us dating due to the fact that we live together. We've been secretly dating for all of those months behind their backs. His parents finally decided to let us go to prom. They know how we feel about one another and they would be fine with us dating, if I didn't live there.
The problem is, they don't know we're dating and I am possibly pregnant. What should I do?

Possibly Pregnant


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A:  Tell the parents. It would be best for all of you.
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B:  Get some money, move out, and reveal your secrets later.
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C:  If you are sure you're pregnant then you should probably tell everyone before it becomes obvious.

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