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Dear Anyone,

I have a good friend who was at a party at our house this weekend. She is an incredibly sweet girl, but did something incredibly stupid the night of the party. She got extremely drunk and ended up cheating on her husband on MY couch with my ex-boyfriend, not that it really mattered to me that he was my ex. Anyways, the story came out the next day and she felt awful about herself. She had never cheated on anyone before and it helped her to realize that she wasn't in love with her husband anymore. They are now separated. My question is... I am friends with her husband and feel awful that I know she cheated on him. I'm very worried that some day he may decide to confront me about the goings on at that party and I will not know what to say!

Not Really My Problem or Place


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A:  If he confronts you, tell him outright what happened and who it was with. He deserves to know that his wife cheated on him.
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B:  Lie to him. Tell him that you were preoccupied and have no idea what happened that night.
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C:  Tell him that if he wants to know, he should ask his wife. Why should he get a second-hand account when he can get it from the horse's mouth?
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D:  When he confronts you, run the other way screaming!

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