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Dear Anyone,

One of my friends introduced me to this guy Tyler and we hit it off like that. But there was one thing that he failed to tell me: he has a girlfriend of one year! Well one day he almost got caught by his girlfriend with me so he told me we couldn't do this anymore. It had to stop. I asked why and he said "I really like my girlfriend but I have feelings for you too so it's best if you don't come over here anymore because I don't want to hurt you or my girlfriend." It really hurt me badly hearing those words come out of his mouth. I don't know what to do. All he keeps saying is "I'm sorry." I guarantee if he and his girlfriend ever break up he will come back to me but I can't wait that long... How can he throw something away that he knows is good?? Please give me some advice on what to say to him to make him change his mind. HELP!

perfectly unperfect


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A:  Don't be a relationship wrecker! Let him have his girlfriend.
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B:  You can't change his mind. It's up to him. All you can do is hope that he realizes that you are his true love.
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C:  Send him letters, emails, notes, whatever. You need to let him know that you care about him.
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D:  He must have been unhappy with his original relationship otherwise he never would have gotten together with you. Try one more time to get him back.

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