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  A:  Talk to her about it        31%
  B:  Get advice from one of her best friends        27%
  C:  Go in for the kill (to nervous)        22%
  D:  Break up with her        20%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm in love with my 1st love, my ex from 6 years ago. We had a wonderful relationship for almost 2 years that went sour when I went off to college. We were too young to deal with the distance.

Over the years we've ran into each other at least once a year. Often we'd end up getting close to sex again but not all the way until recently. I've always thought about him even while in other relationships but since I went off to college and graduated I live at least 3 hours away.

Well we ran into each other last year and he told me he still loved me and wanted to make love. He has a child and lives with his the mother and I live with my boyfriend. After months of fighting it we gave in and had sex. It was going fine for a few months until his girlfriend got suspicious and called numbers in his phone. She heard my voice when she called me and hung up. He hasn't called in over a month. I'm still in love and I think he is but he feels he needs to take care of his responsibilities. I heard that he got married before we started having sex again. I haven't talked to him about it though. I miss him dearly and would go to the end of the earth for him. I'll wait until he feels he can leave. I'm not sure what to do though.



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A:  Your love sounds like a special thing. Wait for him until you feel you can't anymore.
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B:  You should hear him out when he calls and find out his clear intentions. Go on from there.
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C:  Ignore him and try to get over it. Try to find love elsewhere.

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