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  A:  Find someone new.        39%
  B:  Take him when he comes back.        33%
  C:  Forgive him and get over it.        28%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been living with a guy for four years. He is very kind and gentle and loving. He is not a great communicator verbally or emotionally, and is very quiet in social settings. He cannot voice much of an opinion or make a decision. We do, however, have a great sex life. I wonder sometimes if that is all he is there for, really. He is just content for things to just be the way they are. I have left the relationship on several occasions hoping that he would not let me go, or make the effort to get me back, or at the very least, just ask me not to go. He can never do it, and I know I just keep leaving so he will show some kind of emotion that is real. I am scared that he has never really loved me at all. But I keep coming back for more and settling for the way things always are, never changing. But now I know that if I wasn't there anymore, it would not really matter that much, and he would be fine.

Tired of Running


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A:  Ask him to write you a letter about his feelings for you. Give him a week. His letter (or lack thereof) will tell you what to do.
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B:  Stay in the relationship, and keep trying to communicate. Sometimes people have walls that take years to break down.
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C:  Move out, but keep the door open for three months and see if he comes running back to you.
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