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Dear Anyone,

After my divorce I started seeing a man that is thirteen years older than me. For the first two years we did everything together. We were intimate, we traveled, we spent each other's money, and we became close to each other's families. He even told people how grateful he was to have me in his life. Last year in January he said that we were getting too close and he wanted to marry someone closer to his age. He wanted to just be friends with me. I questioned it, because he seemed so happy with me. Eventually I said, "OK, we will just be friends. He said no matter who came into his life we would continue to be the best of friends. I immediately thought he would begin to change because this was what he wanted. He didn't, and we continued to do everything we had done in the past and had planned a summer vacation.

Just recently he met a lady close to his age. He was concerned how I would feel, but not wanting to sound pitiful, I said it was okay. Well it wasn't. I couldn't sleep or eat. I told him this. He told me up front I was too young. This really hurt me. He likes to be faithful, and said that we could not continue a sexual relationship. What gets me is that whenever he has a spare moment he calls me. He continues to call me "Baby." I have his credit card, and he continues to pay the bill. He gets offended if I say anything about a man. He does all of these things, but when I bring it to his attention, he gets angry and tells me that our relationship is in the past. We still say, "I love you" and he doesn't want me to ask him anything about his new relationship. Tell me who is confused.

Love and Confused in Mississippi


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A:  Continue to love and wait patiently. Love takes time, and clearly he still cares for you.
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B:  Let him go. He doesn't really love you. He just likes getting his ego stroked by having two women shower him with affection.
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C:  Force him to tell the new woman about your relationship. That might force him to make a decision instead of sitting on the fence.
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D:  Your big mistake was telling him the new relationship was OK when it wasn't. You made your bed, now you'll have to lie in it.

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