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Dear Anyone,

I'm 49, had a wonderful marriage for 8 years until I lost my husband. It's been 6 years. I've dated with 3 men in the last 6 years and met this particular man 9 months ago when I rented his home from him. Although I tried to deny it, there was chemistry from day one between us. About one month into the lease, the next-door neighbor, took me aside and told me that he was in a terrible marriage, heading for divorce. She then described the physical violence in the home (she attacking him); the obscene yelling (only on her part); the affair she had been having for 4 years and numerous other issues. I had met her once; she seemed very kind until about 2 months into the lease, she called me, screaming that I'd broken the lease by having "repairs" made without their consent (I had cable TV installed which I don't define as a repair). Her voice was VERY scary and there have been 5 other such occurrences since.

Meanwhile, my Mother and myself (we live together) were talking with the man who was there for a minor repair and out of the blue, Mom says, "I know you're in a very unhappy, violent marriage. I fear for your safety. Please get out before she kills you while you're sleeping."
Then, he broke down, told us the whole story; explained that he'd been in counseling for 2 years and knows that it's got to come to an end, but he hates to be a "divorce statistic." From that time on, his attention towards me has been more evident to neighbors, etc. I mean, my landlord bakes me banana muffins... It's nuts. Well, he has asked to meet me at a local park to talk about "non-business" matters. I don't want to be the "other woman" or the "vixen who broke up their marriage" or do anything immoral. However, there's a spark I've never felt before in my life and it might not come around again. Advice?

Ready to risk a broken heart (maybe...) because everyone who knows us is actually encouraging it in Cleveland, OH


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B:  Take a chance for once in your life...Love like this comes around once in a lifetime, if you're lucky
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C:  Be a friend, comfort him (PLATONIC ALLY, OF COURSE) through the divorce and see what happens
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D:  Enjoy the attention while it lasts, but know that it will blow up in your face...

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