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  A:  Ask your friends to ask him out for you        33%
  B:  Let love sail its course and wait until he asks yo ...        21%
  C:  Over come your fear and call him, no matter the co ...        25%
  D:  Invite him to do something with your friend and ge ...        21%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm a senior in high school and have been with my girlfriend for six months. She is not what I thought she would be. She has terrible swings and acts like a little kid. But she is in love with me. 5 days ago a met a girl who kinda likes me. I want to seriously try and start talking to her. How do I let my girlfriend go without her doing something dumb like hurting herself? I really don't want to break her heart, but my life is a mess with her in it. What do I do?

ready to move on


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A:  Don't risk your girlfriend's fragile feelings. Stay with her and you'll grow apart naturally once you finish high school.
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B:  You can't tiptoe around your girlfriend's feelings. If you want to break up with her then you should just do it.
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C:  Here's a win-win: stay with your girlfriend but try to get to know the new girl.
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D:  Put the ball in her court. Act in a way that will make your girlfriend want to break up with you.

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