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Dear Anyone,

I have been with this guy for four years. We started to date while I was in high school. After we broke up, we were still--as people like to call it--"together". Then he moved with his family over 2000 miles away. We still talked on the phone everyday and always talked about how we were going to continue where we left off when I go there to vist him and his family (which also I am really close to).

Welll... four months after he moved down there, he started to date this other girl. In the beginning I thought it was fine since I figured while we were away from each other he would see other people just like I would. Since I am moving down there in July, I knew that we would once again get back together just like always. But after only two months of dating her, he asked her to marry him. Now when I talk to him all he does is complain about her. Most of the time he does not answer her beeps when I am talking to him. And he tells me that we are going to do basically what we did when he lived here (which wasn't sex). He talks about his girlfriend and refers to me as his best friend, but wouldn't your girlfriend be considered your best friend? When he talks to me he tells me things that he can't tell his girlfriend. I am in love with him and have been for four years. I can't just let him go without knowing I have hope. What should I do? My friends say that when I go to visit him, things will be different because he will feel everything he has ever felt come back. But should I honestly wait? Do you think there could be any hope?



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A:  Wait for him. When you see him things will be back to normal.
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B:  Let him have his new love and leave him alone.
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C:  If you are truly best friends, you should come clean with him and tell him how you feel about him.
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D:  Continue being a friend to him. Maybe he'll realize that the two months he's been with this new girl isn't long enough before getting married.

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