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  A:  Confront him and tell him how you feel, maybe he w ...        40%
  B:  Long distance relationships don't work, so don't e ...        28%
  C:  Understand that he isn't ready for a relationship, ...        31%
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Dear Anyone,

I have just met a new guy that I instantly fell head over heels for. I just can't stop thinking about him. Anyways, I heard that he had a fiance that he has been with for a while. I would NEVER take away another woman's lover, as she is so lucky to have him and if I was in her shoes, I would be devastated, yet I'm so tempted... So how the heck do I get over this guy? Is having a fiance the same as being married? Is there still a chance?

lonely in love!


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A:  He's not married yet. Tell him how you feel about him while you still have a small chance.
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B:  He's as good as locked up. Stay away from him until you get over your feelings.
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C:  There's no reason to avoid him as long as you can keep your little secret to yourself.

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