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  A:  You need him in your life.        58%
  B:  Consult with him        42%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been going out with a guy for seven years and recently he went abroad for work. While he was away I visited him for one week and we had a great time and I was really distraught leaving him. When I came home, however, I met this guy out at a concert and I felt a connection. I found it very weird. I gave him my number, which I had never done before. To cut a long story short I have met him nearly every day for the last two weeks and we have declared our mutual attraction to each other. I decided before I met him that I wouldn't allow anything to happen between us and that it definately wouldn't let anything ever come between me and my boyfriend. Thing is I think we have fallen for each other and I want to be with him. What scares me though is that it has only been two weeks. Is it possible for someone to "know" at this early stage? He has begged me not to go back with my boyfriend when he comes home and wants me to meet his family next month. Please help me as my boyfriend is due home in six days. HELP!!



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A:  Stay with your boyfriend. Seven years after all is a long time.
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B:  Go with the new guy. You can't ignore such intense feelings.
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C:  Take a break from your boyfriend and try to get to know this new guy better first.

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