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  A:  Email him laying all your feelings out.        42%
  B:  Move on and never look back.        31%
  C:  Ask him for another try.        27%
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Dear Anyone,

My boyfriend is unwilling to compromise. His best friend is a woman and he feels it's okay for him spend nights at her house or go away on overnight trips with her & their kids. I have tried to explain to him that I feel this is improper and I feel uncomfortable with it. He accuses me of distrust and that I am trying to control him and run his life. Since talking with him hasn't worked, I have now played overnights or trips or we are done! I feel he does not respect my feelings, he just does what he wants and justifies it all. Since I demanded he respect me, he has not talked to me.

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A:  This man is selfish and inconsiderate. Love it or leave it.
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B:  Nobody goes for ultimatums. Try talking again and sorting through all his thoughts and accusations.

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