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  A:  Email him laying all your feelings out.        43%
  B:  Move on and never look back.        31%
  C:  Ask him for another try.        26%
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Dear Anyone,

My girlfriend and I have been in a relationship for 3 years. Two weeks ago she broke up with me. I've been trying everything to get her to change her mind, especialy considering a year ago I gave her a second chance after I caught her cheating on me with one of my best friends. She tells me the reason is because she doesn't want a boyfriend at the moment. But I know that deep down inside she still does because we talk every day. I have lost all hope and am at a complete loss for things to do.

Hurt And Hopless


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A:  Her cheating on you is probably a warning flag that she was no longer interested in dating you. Let her go.
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B:  Just try to stay friends and maybe you'll get her back.
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C:  Do everything you can to win her back.

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