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  A:  Just for get about him and move on.        73%
  B:  Keep talking to him and see what happens.        27%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been dating a man for 5 months who has 2 teenage children. He has been separated for over 2 years (not legally). I have been introduced to his family and friends, but he has not told his children he is dating. We go out in the community as a couple, but he has hidden the relationship from his kids. I mentioned it to him a couple of months ago that I felt his children should know he is dating. He just said he didn't know how to tell them. There is no chance of him and his wife getting back together. I don't think they need to know anymore at this point. I just feel that when the children do find out about me, since I have met his family that they will be upset that he didn't tell them. Should I say something to him or just let it go at this point? I should also mention I have teenage children approximately the same age that go to the same school, but they don't know each other.



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A:  Mention it again, maybe he will give you another excuse.
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B:  Drop it and see what happens.
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C:  Dump him. He must not really be serious about you in the first place.

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