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  A:  Move on from him, you don't need that stress        40%
  B:  Talk to him come to an understanding (even though ...        30%
  C:  Run away from him before you do get attached, you ...        30%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been in an off an on relationship for 5 years. 3 years ago I met a guy who treated me so well and wanted to be with me--however, when I did break up with my 5 year relationship, he moved to Florida for personal reasons. We lost contact for a while and then we happened to get in contact with each other again in April of 2006. Since then we speak every day and I still feel for him. We met up in Florida last month and the passion was still there between us. We discussed it and he wants to be with me. After I came back from Florida he kind of changed and became distant--less calls and texts. He came down last week and we hung out and the passion was still there. I am single and he knows that but my ex and I still talk. However, the guy in florida is not telling or giving me signs that he wants a relationship. I don't know if I should bring it up or wait till he says something.

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A:  The only way to be clear about the situation is to talk to him about it.
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B:  You gave up your ex of 5 years for a guy who moved away? Forget that. Get back with your ex if that relationship was working out for you.
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C:  You on-off relationship with your ex may be making your Florida friend nervous about taking it to the next level.

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