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  A:  Ask him and hope he says yes.        43%
  B:  Ask him if he has a girlfriend.        27%
  C:  Wait for him to say something to you.        30%
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Dear Anyone,

I am in a terrible situation, and it is about to kill me. I mean physically kill me. I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't even enjoy simple things in life anymore. I don't have many friends and certainly could not trust them to ask for such advice. Anyway, where do I begin? I grew up rough... my father left when I was young and I never really had anyone. I met this girl while in college and she loved everything about me. And, I loved her as well. We stayed together 5 years and then decided to get married. We have now been married for 5 years and of course we've had our ups and downs but it has not been too bad.

About 2 months ago, I met a girl through work and we became friends. The more we talked the more it was evident that we were both what we dreamed of all our lives. Like, we were meant to be together. Right down to the way we talk (our southern accents that bother most). We both fit each other's dream person. Now that I have met her, I have become very unhappy with my marriage and I guess it's because I know now what I am missing. I am scared to death that this is the one and I am missing it. I am also that if I do not act on it, I will lay dying in my bed many years down the road wondering what I missed. I want to live my life to the fullest and I want to be the happiest I could be.

My wife and I do not have any children, so that would not be an issue. But she hasn't done anything's just in my head now. And I don't know that I could hurt her that much. To make matters worse, as I said before, I have never been a part of any family until I got married. Now I am part of my wife's family. I mean I call her father "Pop". I would greatly dissapoint them as well. Oh, and there is more. This girl that I met, I could not bring myself to tell her that I was married yet. So once I tell her that, there is no telling what she might do. But it would hurt her as well. And I certainly don't want to hurt her. I have not broken any vows but the situation could occur. So, I ask you, do I just blow this girl off and decide that I will just be content and wonder for the rest of my life what could've been...or do I act on it? I mean somebody out there has to have felt this way before. Please help me! I don't have anyone else I can turn to.



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A:  First things first. You have to tell the new woman that you're married. If she doesn't slap you in the face then you can consider moving forward.
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B:  It's not unusual to get crushes on people even when you're married. But at then end of your life you'll be happy that you've kept your commitments.
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C:  Give it some serious thought--and not just with your heart. You'll probably find that there are more benefits to staying with your wife.
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D:  Either choice you make, you'll have regrets. If this new woman truly is your soul mate then you should pursue it.

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