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  A:  Ask him and hope he says yes.        43%
  B:  Ask him if he has a girlfriend.        27%
  C:  Wait for him to say something to you.        30%
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Dear Anyone,

Five months ago, I met this wonderful man from England. He traveled to Nigeria in that time to do some contract work for the company he works for. We planned to live here in the USA for a while till I decided we should move to England. To make a long story short, we talked all day long online up until the first week in October, when he just stopped calling, stopped coming online and stopped saying all the loving things he used to say. He refuses to discuss anything that troubles me in this relationship and gives me vague answers when I ask anything. I only want to make this strong, but he says I "complain, complain, complain". What am I to do? He's going home next month.

face like a question mark.


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A:  Forget him and move on. He's giving you the brush off.
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B:  Try to find out what is wrong and fix it. Ask him for some clarification.
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C:  If you think there is any chance that you do complain a lot, stop it.

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