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  A:  Ask him and hope he says yes.        43%
  B:  Ask him if he has a girlfriend.        27%
  C:  Wait for him to say something to you.        30%
Total Votes: 879

Dear Anyone,

Help! My boyfriend and myself have been together for over five years and I love him. But a recently divorced ex-lover called and he has invited her to visit for a week at his house. He has told her that he is with me now and even arranged for us to go out together. I trust him but I think it is appropriate for her to stay at his house and disrespectful not to ask me how I felt about it first. He told me that I should trust him and that I am being too controlling and that he refuses to be "put on a leash because of my insecurities". I am so hurt and angry I don't know what to do!

Absolutely Livid!


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A:  His way or the highway? Show him the road!
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B:  He told you nothing is going on - lighten up and trust him.
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C:  He didn't ask or care how you felt about it - big red flag!
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D:  Go out with them and don't let on that it is driving you crazy.

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