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  A:  Go for it and don't care about negativities        43%
  B:  Forget about him and move on.        29%
  C:  He's just a celebrity. There are less chances of y ...        29%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been dating a man for 7 months. On occasion he says hurtful things. Recently, we were at a fund raising dinner, sitting at a table with a couple we had never met before. At one point he said, "She's a real ball buster". I was angry, hurt and confused. I tried to talk to him about how hurtful his remark was, but his response was to blow me off, saying that I was too sensitive. I need to resolve this issue because I know a similar situation WILL happen in the future and need to know how to handle it. I would also like to have a discussion with him and try to make him understand his remarks aren't funny ... they're hurtful.

Cold and confused in Buffalo


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A:  Drop him because he's insensitive and will never change.
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B:  See a therapist who may have an answer on how to proceed.
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C:  Talk to him again and let him know if it happens again, it'll be adios.
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D:  Forget it and move on. If it happens again, remind him how hurtful he is.

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