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  A:  Go for it and don't care about negativities        42%
  B:  Forget about him and move on.        29%
  C:  He's just a celebrity. There are less chances of y ...        29%
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Dear Anyone,

I was going out with a girl for about a year. Things were going as great as could be. Except it was a sort of long distance relationship, but we talked all the time through email and telephone. We both loved each other very much. She was completely obsessed with me. Her family loved me. Everything was perfect.
Then suddenly she becomes confused. She doesn't know if she loves me any more. She says that it didn't feel right. I felt the same for a while. But I fought through it and realized we were perfect for each other. So she says she needs a week to try to figure things out. A week goes by and she says we should break up. I'm dying. I'm still dying and it was 2 months ago.
I tried everything to get back with her. I now realize that I was driving her away by "begging." So now I am asking you for advice on what I should do to get her back. She has found someone else she likes but is not with him yet. So can I get back with her? How can I realize we are perfect for each other?
I need her bad. She means everything to me.
Please help me win her back before she moves on for good.
Thank you,

Needing her badly back in my life


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A:  Forget about her and move on. She has.
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B:  Make a grand gesture and win her back.
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C:  Find help from some one else.
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D:  Just stay friends.

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