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Dear Anyone,

I have no romantic feelings toward my husband. We have been married for almost 30 years and I realized that it's difficult for me to plan anything around a date night or an anniversary outing when I just don't feel the romance. I know I love him; we've been together all our lives. It's just that I feel too comfortable with him and I really would love to feel the romance. I know I've never felt romance with him.

I've tried a lot of different things. I've talked with him and he knows the situation. I've explained that maybe he and I could do things together that would spark a little fire under me. So far, nothing!

He's a kind and affectionate man. He's very handsome and I really shouldn't complain. But... I'm now faced with this truth and it hurts more every day. I know after a long time together, romance sort of fades (sometimes). I just wish I knew how to get it going for the first time with him.

Could someone shed some light on this subject, maybe someone that has experienced this and knows how to fix it. I do appreciate the help.

I need Romance


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A:  Unfortunately life just isn't like the movies-especially when it comes to romance. Be happy with all the good things you have with your husband.
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B:  Take an adventure holiday with your husband. Even if it doesn't spark romantic feelings, you'll both experience something exciting together.
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C:  If you've never had that special feeling for your husband then he's obviously not "the one". It's not too late to begin your quest for your dream man.

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