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Dear Anyone,

I don't know if an intern is interestd in me. Is it a little too late to find out? I don't work at the company anymore but I'm still crushing on her. I'm a female and I know that I'm attracted to women as well as men. But I like women a lot more. Anyway, as of the past 3 months, she has been leaving me clues at work.

1st clue: She ran up behind me & gently rubbed her hands up and down my arms. 2nd clue: She walked past me as I was talking to a friend & rubbed my hand.
3rd clue: As she walked pass me, she rubbed her hand up my entire arm.
4th clue: She demostrated how a stylist did her hair on me & gently rubbed her fingertips around my face.
5th clue: While she asked me a question, she rubbed her fingertips against my elbow.
6th clue: The last day of work she hugged me & said "I'm gonna cry cause you look so beautiful."

She is constantly looking at me. Whenever I look in her direction, she is staring at me. What does that mean? I'm confused because she's giving all the right signals but she has a boyfriend & 2 kids. I just need to know if I'm too late or reading into it too much. And if she is interested in me, then what should I do or say?

Always in LQVE with the intern!


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A:  You must be clueless to not be picking up on all the clues! Ask her out to something casual. You'll both know what's going on.
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B:  Take the initiative and just tell her that you've got a big crush on her.
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C:  Maybe she's just affectionate. Don't do anything too forward or you'll scare her off.
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D:  Keep away. She's got a boyfriend and kids. That's not something you want to get involved with.

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