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  A:  Move on        39%
  B:  Let go        27%
  C:  Hold on        34%
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Dear Anyone,

I moved long distance to develop an ongoing relationship with a man I met online. He is 56 yrs old and lives with his elderly mother. She is very jealous of me and has forbid me to be on her property, and I have done nothing to her but love her son. The relationship between them is more of a dominant and controlling one on her part yet he denies it is as such. He also is not what he portrayed himself to be long distance. My question is does something like this ever get any better or should I just end this since he never stops her bad behavior for fear of being kicked out of his home that she plans on one day leaving to him with her property. In the nine months I have lived here in this area he has not once indicated that he loves me or that we will be living together or making a future together. I am now unemployed and cant find stable work yet have an opportunity to move closer to my younger sister and her children. I am thinking its time to move on and forge a new life closer to my own family as he also is very much a loner and does not like to be around people. He has been verbally abusive to me as well and that is also the way in which he treats his mother, it is how they interact with each other. I do not see him changing at 56 yrs old. Any input would be appreciated

Lost in Minnesota


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A:  You made a mistake took a chance for love and hes not going to change.
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B:  Move away keep in touch and see if he comes to his senses.
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C:  Move away and move on with your life without looking back.
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D:  Stay where you are and see what transpires.

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