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  A:  Forget and let it be and never let it happen again        38%
  B:  Go back for more and see what happens        31%
  C:  Confess it all and let what happened be happened        31%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm 17 years old. My boyfriend or ex-boyfriend is 20. We were going out for 2yrs and broke up yesterday as we constantly fight. It is really hard as we both still love each other.

I just called him about half hour ago and told him I agreed with him that we should let it go (before I didn't) and hopefully we will only be apart for a few months. I said that if we're meant to be together then it will happen and hopefully in our time apart we will both grow up bit. I've organised to see him tomorrow just to break up on good terms and be friends.

Do you agree that by breaking up and giving him and me space that its the only way to save our relationship in the long run? I just don't know how im going to bear this.. its really hard.. he lives in my street and I go past his house every day!

wondering what if in AUSTRALIA


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A:  Try and get back with him asap.
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B:  Leave it and let whatever happens happen.
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C:  Remain close friends for a while
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D:  Become "friends with benefits"

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