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  A:  Forget and let it be and never let it happen again        38%
  B:  Go back for more and see what happens        31%
  C:  Confess it all and let what happened be happened        31%
Total Votes: 711

Dear Anyone,

I have been in a relationship with a man for the past seven years. He is 38, I am 27. Recently a co-worker and I have become involved. Right now we are just friends; he comes over at night while my boyfriend is at work. I have told my boyfriend that I am not happy and want to move out at the first of the year, but he tells me he loves me and doesn't want me to leave him. I go back and forth one day wanting to be with this new guy and other days wanting to stay where I am at. The guy I am with now is financially stable and willing to do anything for me. The guy at work still lives with his parents and he is always talking about getting married and me having his children even though we have only been talking for about a month.

dont know what I want


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A:  Only a month and he already wants you to bear his children?! How about first he grows up and moves out of his parents' place! Forget the looser.
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B:  You've been with the same guy since you were quite young. It's not suprising that you'd want to play the field a bit. You should give it a shot.
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C:  Be alone for a while to figure out what you really want.
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D:  Stable can be boring sometimes but at the same time it can be a very good thing. Be happy with what you have and stay with your boyfriend.

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