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  A:  Stay with Barry for my daughters sake.        39%
  B:  Leave Barry and stay in Iowa.        32%
  C:  Go and be with my true love.        28%
Total Votes: 736

Dear Anyone,

I keep meeting great guys, thinking they're perfect for me, and then coming up with silly reasons to not like them anymore. I even crushed on someone for 6 months, found out he likes me too, started dating and now I fear I've lost interest again. My friends actually joke that I'm not capable of liking someone for more than a week. What's my problem? Lately I think I can either be attracted to someone mentally or physically but never both.

Sick of this stomach ache


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A:  These are normal relationship fears and jitters. You'll get over it eventually.
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B:  Stop overthinking and accept that you just haven't met the right guy yet.
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C:  Force yourself to stay in a relationship for a certain period of time.
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D:  You need some serious relationship help. There's got to be a deeper reason why you keep loosing that loving feeling.

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