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  A:  Forgive and forget.        43%
  B:  Move on        30%
  C:  Talk to him        27%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been in touch with this guy for half a year now. He says he loves me, and is darn sure to keep me in his life, but he does not walk the walk, so to speak. He doesn't call me. He doesn't text me. He hardly ever replies when I text him and almost never answers the phone when I call him (which is very rare. I wasn't raised to call guys).

The thing is, he lives across the country, and has a girlfriend that he says he doesn't love and who recently found out about me. I haven't heard from him since she found out about me, and I'm thinking that there's some arguing and discussing going on. I'm really hurting inside, because my gut instincts are telling me that he's lying through his teeth to me. When he says he's scared of starting something up with me, I scoff inwardly. I'm just so confused because I have such strong feelings for him, but I'm also getting fed up with his waffling. I don't know how to approach this.

kh in sgf


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A:  His actions and his words don't match up. You should trust your instincts and move on. Make up your own answers if you need to.
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B:  Be patient. Wait and see what he has to say. it might surprise you.
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C:  Trust him. Just be patient and trust him. He's more than likely telling you the truth

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