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  A:  Forgive and forget.        42%
  B:  Move on        30%
  C:  Talk to him        28%
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Dear Anyone,

I am 16 and my boyfriend is 19. We have been together for 2 years. However, throughout those 2 years I have only felt complete on and off. My boyfriend "Chad" is now gone away to work for 5 months, and I feel very tempted to get to know other guys. Though I know I love Chad, I feel that at 16 I'm not yet ready for a life long relationship. Chad is extreamly in love with me and he tells me all the time how much he loves me. He is an amazing guy and treats me perfectly and my family love him. But I feel like I'm not finished looking. I know I'm very lucky to have him and take him for granted but I also know life is short.

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A:  Even if it breaks his heart, tell him how you feel. You're too young to be in a long-term relationship. Explore your options.
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B:  It sounds like you've got a good thing going, regardless of your age. Stick with it.
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C:  Take the opportunity while he is away to "play the field" a bit. At least it may get it out of your system.

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