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  C:  Wait it out        32%
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Dear Anyone,

I recently ended a long relationship on mutual terms and have really fizzled out meeting anyone since. I've had a couple of instances where I've met interesting people, but it seems that my tastes are out of my league. I'm a charismatic woman who puts her heart into things. But, I'm overweight. I'm just now in the 230's range but I feel for the most part I wear the weight well. I can't seem to find someone who is attractive and feels the same about me without there being a catch. (i.e.)being married, much older, only wanting one thing...etc. Where do I put my focus in meeting new people? I already go to a local bar, but there's not a lot of new patrons. Help?

Big girl looking to give lots of love and attention


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A:  Look at work, that's where you'll find people who know you for your smarter side.
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B:  Go bar hopping. There's bound to be some hottie lurking at the bar.
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C:  Just enjoy being alone, once you

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