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  A:  Tell him        41%
  B:  Do not tell him        28%
  C:  Wait it out        32%
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Dear Anyone,

I liked this girl and I confessed my feelings to her. She has feelings for me too and we got into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Well, things ain't so good as we see them.. She told me she is still trying to forget a guy that she once fallen in love for. And the worst thing is, she still gets along with him (I meant in a group of her friends) and she said she felt much more comfortable being with that guy than with me. After some time, she told me that she failed to let him go, and she felt it is unfair for me to remain loving her. She suggested me to give up on her and breakup. Of course I refused; she just meant a lot to me and I love her so much. But now I felt both painful and helpless. I don't know what else should I do.

Loving her but she still loves someone else


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A:  Never give up. As a boyfriend, you should be confident and help her to forget the guy she once loved.
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B:  Give up. You kept lying to yourself that she belongs to you. Loving her doesn't mean you must possess her.
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C:  Persuade your girlfriend to tell the guy that she has a boyfriend.
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D:  Work yourself out, tell that guy that the girl is your girlfriend, and tell him to avoid your girlfriend.

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