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  A:  Tell him no since he has a girlfriend        31%
  B:  Tell him no altogether        23%
  C:  Get with him but not have his baby        23%
  D:  Get with him and have his baby        22%
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Dear Anyone,

I met this great guy and there was instant chemistry. I thought he was divorced and it turns out his divorce is not final. They way I understand it, he has some paper work to do before it can proceed. I've been seeing him for almost 4 weeks, and to my knowledge he has not made any progress with the paper work. Because of his situation, he is uncomfortable being too visible in public because it could make the divorce proceedings more difficult financially. I've tried to be understanding since I learned all of this and we've pretty much just been together at my house. I am torn between accepting this for what is is (because I really like being with him) or not accepting it because I want the real deal (going out together and with friends, etc. and spending time alone together).
There are other issues that have popped up and I'm trying to make myself believe that all is well, but I'm not so sure. One issue is his inability to commit to a specific time for a date because of his family responsibilities. I can handle family emergencies interrupting our plans, but on a day to day basis he just can't seem to make definite plans with me. He has also had some minor health issues (a migraine and some bug he caught at work) which have interfered with making definite plans with me.
I am not comfortable bringing any of this up with him because he has expressed very negative feelings about men who are henpecked. I am afraid that he will interpret anything I say about how I'm feeling as "hen pecking".
I don't want to mess things up with him, but I don't like the way things are going and I don't like how I'm feeling.
What should I do?

Not Chatty Cathy


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A:  Relax and enjoy having a great (?) guy around
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B:  Step up to the plate and tell him exactly how you feel
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C:  Talk to him about only the divorce papers
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D:  Tell him I'll probably be around after he gets his life in order

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