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Love Advice


  A:  Move on        32%
  B:  Keep talking to him        22%
  C:  He's over you        29%
  D:  Let her have him        18%
Total Votes: 904

Dear Anyone,

I have been dating a guy for 7 years. I want to know

1) is it okay for me to ask him to marry me?
and 2) how do you propose to a guy?

Dating to long and wanting more


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A:  There's nothing wrong with asking him to marry you. Get him a ring, get down on one knee and do it!
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B:  Ask him to ask you to marry him.
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C:  Wait for him to ask you. It may be traditional but it's how most men prefer to work.
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D:  In principle there's nothing wrong with a woman proposing. Whether he would react well to it is something you may want to research by asking his friends.

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