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  A:  Move on        31%
  B:  Keep talking to him        22%
  C:  He's over you        29%
  D:  Let her have him        18%
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Dear Anyone,

During my third year in college, there was a new guy in school who instantly became my friend. We became close, even to the point of being cuddly with each other. To add to that, he's really affectionate with me. (He'd hug me, play with my hair, and compliment me a lot.) He's also really observant with my moods and he knows when I like something or not.

He even calls me at night to have a three-way with my other guy friend and he'd do really nice things and go out of his way for me.

I was really starting to see him in a different light when on the following year, there was a new girl in school. She also became my close friend and she later confessed to me that she liked my guy friend.

She's very attractive and she was persistent with him. They went out a lot and later on, they became a couple. During those times, it was alright with me, because I was not the sort to go and ruin a relationship.

But after several months, he sort of changed. He has become more arrogant and he's no longer the guy he used to be. He used to hug me whenever we'd see each other in the hall way, but now, he no longer does. I understand that having a girlfriend changes things between friends, but then it seemed just so abrupt and strange.

I let that all pass and after several months again, there is a sudden shift (he and the girl are still together) and now, he's affectionate with me (but not around his girlfriend). He puts his arm around my shoulder and even winks at me sometimes. Funny thing was, when they were still dating, he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I don't know if he's just really happy.

He calls me his sister, but I really don't know what to think. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I don't want to confront him (I really have no intention), because of our friendship and my friendship with his girlfriend.

Can you please give me your thoughts? Thanks...



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A:  He did like you, but moved on.
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B:  He still likes you, but is just covering it up.

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