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  A:  She might be afraid of getting hurt. Just take it ...        47%
  B:  She's damaged goods. Stay away from her and her un ...        27%
  C:  Let her make the next move.        26%
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Dear Anyone,

I met a woman on an online dating site. At first we didn't click and then she left the site. She returned to the site and we started talking again. Things really picked up and got fairly intense but due to a big misunderstanding between us things have cooled off. She recently had a death in the family which caused some guilt issues with her. I have developed strong feelings for her and I have to believe she has feelings for me. She told me to just hang in there, she just needs some time. It has been over a week since I have had any contact with her and that was a very short phone conversation. She said she would call me later that day and never did.

I guess what I am asking is should I keep hanging on and hoping she will come around or should I move on? Help.

clueless and lonely


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A:  Wait around and hope things work out
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B:  Move on and find someone else
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C:  Be there as much as you can. Let her know that you are a friend who will stand by her through her difficult time.

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