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  A:  Blow it off. It's not a big deal.        40%
  B:  Blow them off. This is the equivalent to cheating ...        30%
  C:  Talk to the person you love about it. They need to ...        30%
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Dear Anyone,

My ex came to visit and that is when I realized how much I really do love him. He left to Vegas and thats when I was trying to forget about him. But I just cant do that now because he is here. I love him, I want to be with him. He says that he loves me and that he will change for me, that he will stop smoking and doing the things he does for me, but he has cheated on me before. He says I don't understand how hard it is to hide his feeling. What do I do?

in love and confused


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A:  Ask him how he really does feel
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B:  Tell him how you feel
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C:  Move on
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D:  Keep as a friend

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