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  A:  You had your chance. Move on.        60%
  B:  Do whatever it takes to show that you want him back.        40%
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Dear Anyone,

I married someone who hurt me physically, mentally, and emotionally. He was an alcoholic until he got a DUI. I met someone from work who was there for me and wanted to help me with my situation. I then found myself running to him anytime I was sad and depressed. He continued to show his caring for me and would make me feel better with a little head massage or a hug and eventually a kiss on the forehead. I didn't know he liked me because we had frequent arguments at work all the time. My marriage continued to get worse and my husband kept hurting me. I stopped loving him but I didn't believe in divorce. I soon found out that I liked this other guy a lot and that he cared for me very much. The only problem was that he had this huge ego and was always talking about how much better he was(not only better than me but everyone). Eventually I was in love with him, and I always will love him. But we got in a fight and now work in other places. He has a new girl, but we talk and he says whatever happens, we will always love each other. Right now my husband is not drinking anymore; we still fight, but he isn't the same after I tried leaving him. He plays computer games when I am at home, occasionally sleeps outside, and usually doesn't hold me at night. I know my husband loves me but I feel tired of trying.

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A:  Try giving your husband a fifth second chance...He'll turn out.
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B:  Have your husband take an out of country vacation by himself so you can have some time alone, and then you will be missing him when he returns!
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C:  Get rid of the wife beater. Get in a fight with the other guy and have crazy make up sex!

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