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  A:  Leave him.        44%
  B:  Stay and try to trust him again.        29%
  C:  Go to Church with him.        27%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been dating my girlfriend for a few years. I do love her. She's the best thing that's happened to me in my life. The person inside her is everything to me. But she has gained a lot of weight. She's not tall and has a small frame. When we go out to eat I try to suggest healthly foods, salads, sushi, and other good non-fattening foods. In my own way I've tried to suggest exercise and health food without sounding like I'm telling her to lose weight. Her big belly and extra buckets in the back section are effecting our sex life. How can I get someone who I love to take much better care of herself without hurting her feelings? If she won't change, I'm thinking of moving on to someone who cares about her health.

Big Belly Blues


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A:  There's no saving her feelings. Tell her straight up that she's packing on the pounds and killing your libido. That's the only way she'll change.
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B:  Stress health, not appearance. If you convince her that fattening foods will lead to an early grave, she'll think twice before grabbing the Twinkies.
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C:  Keep up the subtle hinting. That's the only way you can change her eating habits without devastating her emotionally.
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D:  Move on to someone else. With all the stuff in the media about weight issues, if she hasn't gotten the message by now, she never will.

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