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  A:  Leave him.        44%
  B:  Stay and try to trust him again.        29%
  C:  Go to Church with him.        27%
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Dear Anyone,

I am writing because I have a friend and we have been friends for 20 years. His wife was and still is cheating on him. Neither can afford to move out, so they have agreed to stay living in the same house, but just as friends / roommates. There are two kids, 5 and 8, and he is doing this for the kids. But he and I dated back 10 or so years ago before they met and got married, and the sparks are back for him. We have slept together twice recently. I feel it's wrong and that people will look at me as trampy for doing it, but their marriage is not looking like it will be fixed.

I am getting all my old feelings for him back. Do I continue to see him on the side secretly or make him wait to be with me until he is offically seperated or divorced?

Confused in Billerica


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A:  Tell him you need to wait until they are officially separated. Everything will work out in good time.
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B:  Keep seeing him secretly if the sparks are back. He and his wife are "just roommates" now, after all.
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C:  Tell your friend that he needs to have some guts and move out. In fact, demand that he does, or he can forget about the booty.
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D:  Adultery is adultery. Face it, you're already a tramp.

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