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  A:  Kick him out. He blew it. It's over.        41%
  B:  Call of the wedding until you work through it.        32%
  C:  Get married anyway. Things will work out.        28%
Total Votes: 795

Dear Anyone,

In 2003, I found the most amazing guy ever. I was young and stupid back then, and ended the relationship in 2005 for no good reason. I was so caught up on the club scene, and I cared for my own good only. Looking back shows me how selfish and stupid I was. I ask myself "how I could let a good guy go just like that?" It's been two years now, and I have been thinking about him numerous times. I miss him so much but I have lost contact with him. I do still have contact with our friends we use to hang out with and I do believe they would have his. Is it wrong to ask them for his contact information? I want to ask a lot of things, I want to see how he is. Or do you think I should just let it go and continue on with life? I miss him so much and I have not had any other relationship since him.

Sad Little Me


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A:  Ask our friends for his contact information just to talk and see how things are
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B:  Leave it alone and continue on with life
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C:  Stop being sad, you can be a wonder woman and live without men

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