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  A:  Forget ever moving beyond the sex-buddy situation. ...        39%
  B:  Talk to him and be honest with him about what you ...        31%
  C:  Keep having sex with him and keep your mouth shut ...        29%
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Dear Anyone,

Hi Anyone,

Well i am in a relationship at the moment with a lovely girl, but I don't care about her like I should, she is funny, good looking, fun, and caring, but the last couple of months its become apparent there is no spark there.

A month ago I got drunk with some friends and ended up alone with a girl I have liked for the last ten years, we always got close before, but things got in the way, so we remained best friends. Well this night she kissed me, I didn't stop her and now I cant stop thinking about her.

I have started thinking about other women generally, this is a bad sign for me, I'm not someone who has cheated before or who ever thought I would cheat, so I am mortified I have, but I don't regret it either.

I have not told my girlfriend. I think it would be unfair to shoulder this on her when shes nothing but lovely, but since it happened its become clear that the love is one sided from her side, I don't know if I should end this now or give it a go, I am really lost at the moment and I don't want to hurt her but know its going to happen some way.

I wouldn't even leave her for the other girl, I think I want to be single for a bit and work myself out, but I am in such a mess that I cant decide what to do.

Lost Boy


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A:  End it now and save further heartbreak
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B:  Stop with her through Christmas and give it a chance
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C:  Try to make it work in case you are throwing away a good thing

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