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  A:  Forget ever moving beyond the sex-buddy situation. ...        40%
  B:  Talk to him and be honest with him about what you ...        31%
  C:  Keep having sex with him and keep your mouth shut ...        29%
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Dear Anyone,

It all started about 5 years ago. My wife and I just had a baby girl and because we got married out of church we were going to classes at our parish to get our marriage blessed. While doing this I found out that my wife had kissed her bartending instructor (Joe) and another guy (Landon) whom she met through a friend. It turns out that she had been secretly going out with Landon behind my back. Because of this we never got to marry in the church and I turned to "ice" to ease the hurt. We tried to work things out and even had a second child, a baby boy. The thing I forgot to mention is that my wife, after our girl, didn't show any affection towards me. I would literally have to ask her to hug, kiss, and make love to me. Because of her past affairs I didn't trust her and was using "ice" even more. I would go on my little drug trips. I eventually got addicted because I would use the "ice" to run away from my problems. We are now at a point where she wants to divorce because of my addiction. I tell her the reason why I'm addicted in the first place is because she continues to have long conversations with other men and refuses to stop because of my addiction.

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A:  Quit doing the ice. Then your wife won't be able to blame your marriage problems on your addiction.
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B:  Time to get realistic. Your wife is not going to be true to you any time soon. Drugs aren't your solution either. Get your life together without her.

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