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  A:  Worry. She has someone else.        29%
  B:  Worry. She wants out.        26%
  C:  Don't worry. She's just getting comfortable with you.        20%
  D:  Don't worry as long as you turn on the charm a not ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I met a girl a year ago and we became friends, really good friends at that. Over the summer we became even better friends but still friends nonetheless. Until one day we hung out together and I saw her in a completely different light. A week later she IMed me asking "are we more than friends?" to which I replied something to the effect of "IDK are we?" Herein lies the problem, I work at a school that she just happens to attend. I'm 21 and she's 18 so I don't think it's as gross as it sounds. At least I hope not. But anyway, her calling in life is to be a youth minister and when it come to my faith it's pretty much nonexistent. We decided to break it off the first time because she didn't want me to get in trouble. But our feelings got the best of us and sure enough I dropped the L word to which she replied "I love you too." Now, this is no small feat because she's the only girl I've ever said that too. Now she wants to break it of against because another staff member was caught in a similar situation. Only this time she says it can't happen and there's no way it ever could because we're heading in different directions in our lives and it wouldn't be fair for me to wait while she's in the mission field. But I would wait.But she doesn't want kids to grow up in a home with a spiritually absentee father. I can change that but I'd try my damndest. I'd give anything to have a future with her because I do believe that she is the one.



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A:  Make adjustments to your life to be with her. Prove to her that it can work.
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B:  Give her up. She'll never choose you over her faith.
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C:  Quit your job and join the peace corps.
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D:  Just pretend to religious--whatever it takes to make her happy.

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