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  A:  Wait it out. He'll come around.        46%
  B:  Force him to reveal his feelings.        26%
  C:  If you know that he loves you, why do you need him ...        28%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been with my fiance for 7 years. He was my first serious love. We have a child together. Lately, he hasn't been the best person to me. In the past, his ex cheated on him with his former best friend. Their response to him was, "You can't help who you fall in love with." I have heard this story so much, I'm sick of it. Instead of us going to therapy to work through his trust issues, we're going to therapy for things I'm doing to "cause him to not trust me." Like what? Not coming straight home because I'm sick of him arguing over every little thing. My helping my mother, whose health has declined. My going to school. My increase in confidence, and my decision to show it off by wearing non-frumpy clothes.

But I did break his trust once. I met another guy and slept with him over a week ago. It was a one time thing, and I will never, NEVER tell my fiance about it. I was just looking for positive attention, something he wasn't giving me. I'm sick of the verbal abuse. I honestly think I'm staying because of our son. What should I do?

Utterly Confused and Should've Made Up Her Mind Years Ago


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A:  Stay and continue to work through it. There's too much time invested. Besides, you lost the moral high ground by having an affair.
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B:  Stay, but lay down some ground rules. If he can't start working on his past, it's bye-bye, sweetie pie.
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C:  Leave, and tell him you'll take him back when he's worked on his trust issues. No one can live under a 24-7 cloud of suspicion.
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D:  Leave, and kick his behind to the curb! He's damaged goods, and the chances of him developing trust again are slim to none.

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