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Dear Anyone,

There's this guy who lives about 2 hours away or so but he was working at a job near my house. He was staying at the hotel I work at. I was interested in him but was too shy to do anything about it. Finally one day I got the courage to ask him out and he claimed to be interested in me too. Well our first date never did happen--things kept coming up.

A few weeks later he told me to give him a call when I'm ready to try again. I waited a week before calling him. He didn't answer the phone or return my calls but he did come see me in the office the next day and we talked then so I didn't think too much about it. Still no date.

A few months later my phone rang. It was him calling to tell me how sorry he was, how he had done nothing but think about me and miss me. He said he knew he messed up and that the reason he didn't start something with me was because of the distance. We discussed the possibilty of trying things again.

We started to text message back and forth and call each other. Things were going pretty well. Then one night he called me. We talked for a while and then one of our cells (his I think) dropped the call. He called me back right away. I asked if I could call him right back from my other phone that way he would have my new number. He said "no problem but wait about 5 minutes or so I'm about to go through another dead zone." So I waited about 10 minutes or so and called him. The phone rang once and went to voicemail. Thinking that perhaps he was still in the dead zone I waited a few more minutes and called him back. This time I left a message. This was on a Thursday. It is now Saturday and I still haven't heard from him and his phone is still doing that. What gives?



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A:  Keep trying. There must be something wrong with his phone.
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B:  FLAKE ALERT! Move on. This guy has issues.

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