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  A:  Talk to her again. Even if nothing got solved any ...        32%
  B:  Just accept that ya'lls sex drive is different and ...        25%
  C:  Accept and understand that you have different sex ...        23%
  D:  Change your sexual routine. Give her a massage, ha ...        20%
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Dear Anyone,

I was with a guy two years ago and we fell head over heels in love the minute we met. Unfortunately, I was young and broke up with him because of the distance between us (he lives 5 hours away) and the fact I wasn't ready.

He has a new girlfriend (they have been seeing each other a year and a half) but recently we have been talking a lot. He has been having doubts about her and talked about breaking up with her (not for me but because of their own personal problems). I have been giving advice and he values it and he always made it clear that he would like us to have another chance.

He might move to my town for work in a year or stay where he is. I also might go to school where he lives. I feel we have a pretty good chance of getting back together. What should I do until I know for sure?

Wanting a Second Chance


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A:  Make it clear that you want to be together when he breaks up with his girlfriend.
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B:  Don't put your hopes up and try not to think about him or speak as often. This break up isn't a guarantee and you will be crushed if he doesn't.
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C:  Keep talking to him and show you care but just wait and see what happens!
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D:  2 years? Forget this guy and move on.

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