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Dear Anyone,

I have been dating this guy for months now. Well, he works all the time but he still makes time for me, however, for a month now, he hasn't made time to spend with me, even though he still calls me on the phone and acts like nothing is wrong. I called him up recently and requested that we had a talk about it as I wasn't comfortable with this arrangement of staying in every weekend in the name of having a boyfriend that I couldn't see. Now, he's acting all hurt and stuff like we are fighting or something. Did I do wrong in asking for a sit-down, face to face talk? Isn't it obvious that I am being put on the back-burner and the longer I let it drag on, the worse it will get? I still want to be friends with this guy but I really don't know what else I'm suppose to do. My question is, what was I supposed to do in a situation like this other than what I did? I want us to break up properly, that's why I requested a talk? Was that wrong?

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A:  It sounds like he was caught off-guard by what you said. Maybe you should have given him more of a chance to spend time with you first.
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B:  You did the right thing. His feelings would have been hurt regardless.
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C:  What a cry-baby. He should have seen it coming.

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