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  A:  Cheat on her behind her back. It'll make things even.        34%
  B:  She obviously doesn't regret her actions. Leave her.        25%
  C:  Get with back her mother.        20%
  D:  Just forgive her.        21%
Total Votes: 885

Dear Anyone,

I loved this guy a lot, and I am confused if he had been playing my feelings, and just making use of me? When I told the scenario to my friends, they viewed him as a jerk. And I confronted him several times, hoping that he will explain. However, that annoyed him and said I accused him, he hates me a lot now and said I deserved all these. He had asked me to stop contacting him. I am lost now. Should I believe he is innocent (that I misunderstood him) or believe that is his tactic to get rid of me? Do you think we are still possible to be back?

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A:  You should trust your friends and move on
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B:  You should apologize
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C:  Stop dreaming, it's impossible

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