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  A:  Yes        31%
  B:  No        22%
  C:  Yes. But only if the man is attracted to the woman.        27%
  D:  Yes. Even if the man is only slightly interested i ...        21%
Total Votes: 1016

Dear Anyone,

I was with the girl of my dreams for a year and a half and then she ended it. Two years after trying to get her back she's dating one of my friends from college. Now it's been 2 1/2 more years and when I hear about things they do I just feel more and more diminished and insignificant. I'm with someone right now, but she's not as attractive and doesn't make me feel like the other girl did.
How can I stop hating myself over this when the other guy is clearly a better person than I can aspire to be?

Dangfool in WI


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A:  Use your desire to become the type of person who can get the girl of your dreams.
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B:  Beg the other to come back.
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C:  Just be happy with what you have.

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