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Dear Anyone,

I'm struggling with what to do. I dated a man that I was deeply in love with. He never fully committed to me, but for 4 years we slept together on and off as best friends. We did almost everything together and, even when I had boyfriends, would hook up with him. 10 years later, I still find myself thinking of him daily and we continue to talk weekly. To this day, he claims that he's never had "girlfriends" (only women that he slept with, like me), which alleviates some pain for me.

The key to this post is that I'm married. And although I can handle being his platonic friend (as I have been for 10 years), secretly my thoughts stray sometimes. My husband knows all of this but doesn't seem too concerned.

Admitting the Truth in Pennsylvania


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A:  Talk to the guy about what happened in the past. You guys still have stuff to sort out between you.
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B:  There's nothing wrong with this, as long as you're honest with your husband. If he doesn't care, why should we?
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C:  Drop the friendship, not to mention the fantasies. Do you think a guy who claims never to have had a "girlfriend" will ever commit to you? Please!
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D:  Leave your husband. The ex is obviously your soul mate.

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