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  A:  Go for it, just kiss him!        39%
  B:  Wait for him to kiss you        31%
  C:  Forget about kissing, you don't need it.        30%
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Dear Anyone,

I need advice. I dated with this girl for 9 months. Throughout those 9 months we loved each other dearly. I know this isn't something foolish. I've been in past relationship so I do know what I am doing. She is a good person, but as the relationship began to reach the 9 month point it began to die. In which we had a mutual break up. At that time I realized I made a big mistake. We had problems during those months, but through each problem we always knew never to forget how much we cared about each other, but when I wanted to get back with her she said no, on the grounds that she was confused. The reason she was confused was that she had lost her feelings for me. I am going through a hard time and she cries because she never wanted me to get hurt so much since I was such a caring and kind boyfriend, and that's an understatement! I realized that old girl died and won't come back, but there is still a part of me that wants to keep fighting for her. Please, someone help me. I know she cares as a friend for me, not something dinky but cares about me. I think she is confused because I was her first boyfriend and her heart began to bloom. If anyone has ever had a sudden change of feelings for someone, can you please help.

hopeless romantic


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A:  Wait for her till she straightens herself out, she will come around and just needs time to think
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B:  You need to move on, this is one chapter in you book of life, it will be fine.
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C:  Just stop talking to her, she won't realize what she has until she loses it.
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D:  Be a good friend for her, she is in a confused position and needs help figuring herself out

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