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  A:  Move on since he doesn't love you how he should        59%
  B:  Get back with him and hope someday he will love yo ...        41%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been in this relationship for over one year. I"m young and smart and fun to be with but I don't think my boyfriend realizes this. We've always been smart with our relationship. I've been the first to say we're not lovey dovey and mushy all the time. He doesn't cuddle at all and he's rarely romantic--actually never. I just want to know if he cares about me enough. I don't want to change him, I just want him to love me. Basically my dilemma is my 24 year old boyfriend is going to Cancun with four other guys for six days. Everyone I tell tells me he's going to cheat on me. I recently found out when he has been to the strip clubs, he's gotton lap dances. Originally I didn't care if he went to those clubs but now when I think about it it hurts. I talk to him and he's just silent, like I'm anoying him with all of this. The problems aren't going away, they're just being silenced. I live with him and his mom. I really have a good thing going for me and can't afford to live on my own yet since I dont have a car and his mom really helps out in that area.

Trying to Keep it real


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A:  Pack up and leave him. Let him have his lapdances without you to get in the way.
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B:  Leave him once you've got enough saved up money to take care of yourself.
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C:  Nag him some more. He'll figure it out eventually.
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D:  Give him the choice: change his ways or your gone.

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